Harvest is here!   
We look forward to seeing you for our harvest during the week of October 1.    Rain or shine!  We expect to start at 8am until 4pm. (Arrive earlier so we can meet and set you up).  If you can’t make it that day, no worry…we harvest until mid October everyday!  

Yes, it’s work!   A unique experience while getting to meet new people or create new memories with your friends and family! 

We will teach you how to harvest grapes!  Not to worry about experience…we all need to start somewhere! 

Coffee will be offered with croissants 
A few things you will need:
1. We will ask for you bring your cutting shears / gardening scissors.  Or some will be provided for you. 
2. Dress accordingly 
3. Bring a lunch 
* a bottle of wine will be offered to bring home at the end of the day (1 per family) 

We will organize an event after New Years to thank everyone who participated for the day. 

If you are interested, send us a message with the day you plan on coming out!  

Thank you for wanting to spend the day with us!