Vankleek Hill Vineyard: Family, Community, and Wine

Out looking for a property Teresa and Scott never planned to buy a vineyard. But the entrepreneurial couple knows a good opportunity when they see one.

Nestled in between Ottawa and Montreal is Vankleek Hill Vineyard, a hidden gem run by new owners Teresa Bressan and Scott Lambert.
Years ago the couple was hunting for a property with the idea to do Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) but were drawn to the vineyard instead.
Standing at the entrance to the vineyard it’s easy to understand the appeal. Greeting you as you enter is an imposing piece of local art. A large painted Raven—part of the popsilos project—looms tall over the 55 acre property.
For the entrepreneurial couple whose main goal was to be together working outdoors, the vineyard checked off all the right boxes and more. The potential in taking over and improving an existing business was also appealing.
They took ownership in 2018 and spent their first year restoring the crops and rebranding the business. 


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Looking for accommodation fora garden wedding in July 13, 2024. Do you have one know of a facility in the area

Denise Champagne March 05, 2024

Bonjour esce que cest possible pendant l’été de visiter votre vignoble et finir avec un dégustations et souper ou produit du terroir:)

caroline January 14, 2022

I am a 66 yr old who has been making wine from small fruits and grape juice for over 25 years. I’d like to volunteer a couple of days a week, next year, and I would like to visit your facilities in the next couple of weeks, before my departure for Florida, on Nov 1st.
Would that be possible?
Louise Belisle

Louise Belisle September 16, 2021

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